About Niki

Niki Gorick

“You realise, you’ll be hooked,” were the first words my tutor at the Montreal School of Photography said to me. Aged 17, I didn’t heed his warning and he was absolutely right. Since then, my passion for creating images has led me on a career spanning theatre photography, journalism, television camerawork and scriptwriting, as well as to living in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Scotland.

I’ve been lucky enough to always have the nomad’s eye and on returning to settle in my native capital city, have found a renewed fascination with London. For me, it’s one of the most spellbinding cities in the world. Walking its streets, my aim is to capture the interaction between London’s uniquely varied cityscape and the life of Londoners that whirls around, through and across it every day.

Now that my children are growing up, I’ve more opportunity to extend my photography to other cities, both in the UK and abroad. I’m still driven by the challenge of catching those defining moments when all the elements come together to convey the true character of a city.

Photographing the essence of London