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'Faith in The City of London' - Book & Outside Exhibition

My aim with this book is to share my discovery of the unique interaction between faith and commerce in the City of London.  I want to give a new perspective on the City and provide a real insight into a side of this globally important financial district not dominated by money-making business but by the spiritual.  Apart from the world famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, there are over 40 other churches squeezed in between the City’s towers of commerce and I hope that this book will encourage more people to explore not only these amazing buildings but the hidden world of worship inside.


Over four years, I gained unique access to photograph the day-to-day workings of these religious enclaves, capturing everything exactly as it happened - nothing was posed or photoshopped.  The book is the result of over 200 visits and reveals a hidden world of worship that is surprisingly vibrant and diverse and which stretches out into many different faiths.  From family weddings and the rituals of daily services, through to dramatic investitures, magnificent harvest festivals, musical events of many varieties and celebrated, popular vicars, the photographs show an extraordinary range of spiritual goings-on and charismatic personalities.  


This large-format, high-quality, hardcover art book features over 170 of my colour and black & white photographs, with an introduction written by the acclaimed art critic Edward Lucie-Smith and a Foreword by the Lord Mayor of London.

The City of London Corporation staged a successful outside exhibition of images from the book in Paternoster Square and Aldgate Square from October to December 2020.

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